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Evil rises in Derry with IT – Chapter 2, the sequel to the great IT success, always signed by the director Andy Muschietti, who decided to separate the two timelines that alternate in the monumental novel by Stephen King in two feature films. By redefining and transcending the genre, IT has become the highest-grossing horror movie of all time.
27 years after the events narrated in the first IT, a now adult Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) recalls the members of the Club of Losers in Derry: relying on several elements in some heinous recent murders, it is certain that now Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) has returned to hit.
Despite a confused memory of the past, Bill (James McAvoy), Richie (Bill Hader), Eddie (James Ransone), Ben (Jay Ryan) and Beverly (Jessica Chastain) respond to the call leaving their distant lives behind.
But it will not be easier to face IT again on the second lap: so much water has passed under the bridges, and I am not at all sure of being able to recreate the magical alchemy that united them in that elusive summer. Above all, the absence of Stanley, who has not presented himself with the others to the new call to arms, weighs heavily. That the secret to dealing with IT is hidden in the different ties that all the losers have kept, willy-nilly, with the unbearable Derry and their childhoods?

Two years after the first film, IT: Chapter 2 arrives to continue the story of the “Club dei Perdenti” now grown and finally entered into their adult version. We know that the novel by Stephen King is a “brick” of almost 1300 pages and we are not surprised that it took so long since the first publication in 1986 to see a film version. Adapting a tome of that size and that narrative depth must have been an attempt made by many and in the end, after seeing dozens and dozens of transpositions on the screen of King books, grandiose, ignoble, extremely cured or culpably pulled away, IT found the right people. There was of course the 1990 television version with a great Tim Curry in the role of Pennywise, but the heart and the spectacularity of the history story were really only collected now.
It was in 2009 that David Kajganich and Cary Fukunaga started working on the script, then passed to Gary Dauberman after the arrival of Andy Muschietti as director. At that point the vision that the director had of history required a decisive choice, that of making a first film only with the child characters and possibly a subsequent chapter exploring the confrontation between the clown and the adult protagonists. The temporal setting that was in the book in the 50s and 80s has been moved forward while maintaining the same interval, 80s and 2010s. again in the town of Derry where they grew up. Pennywise is coming back and it’s time for them all to close this business.

Derry is the fictitious resort of Maine where Stephen King set many of his terrifying stories, a city often called “wrong” in the words of his characters. Here the evil resides in various forms, sometimes as a projection of our innermost fears, at other times inescapable and rooted as if it had always existed and that place was its origin. There are references to Derry everywhere in King’s bibliography and it is in the following stories that it stands out as the setting for the events: The right extension (novel contained in Dark Night, no stars), Insomnia, Bunch of Bones (partially), 22 / 11/1963 (partially), Dreamcatcher and of course IT. It Chapter Two online.

The warm welcome of IT critics and public allied with the applause of King himself. “I was not prepared for the fact that it could be so good, loyal to the characters but innovative at the same time”, commented the King of horror. The attention and expectations for the second chapter have therefore been multiplied, starting with the cast of actors that the adult protagonists should have played. Obviously leaving Bill Skarsgård in his place with his Pennywise (which is also very popular), James McAvoy (adult version of Bill Denbroug), Bill Hader (adult version of Richie Tozier) and Jay Ryan (adult version of Ben Hanscom), James Ransone (adult version of Eddie Kaspbrak), Isaiah Mustafah (adult version of Mike Hanlon), Andy Beam (adult version of Stan Uris) and finally the one who was wanted at all costs, both by fans and by director Muschietti who, ironically, had already directed her in his debut in Mama, Jessica Chastain. No one could have imagined a different Beverly Marsh, besides the fact that the Chastain really looks like the adult version of the young actress Sophia Lillis who plays the character as a child.

The new production of the film based on the famous novel by Stephen King ends with IT chapter 2. Two years ago, Andy Muschietti had terrified and entertained the general public with his IT, based on the homonymous best seller written by Stephen King. More faithful and decidedly more successful than the miniseries for TV in the 1990s, with Tim Curry in the role of the evil clown Pennywise, IT in a few days became the horror film with the greatest revenue in the history of Cinema.
On 5 September the final chapter will be released in Italian cinemas, which unfortunately does not hold its own against its predecessor, for some reasons.

The new production of the film based on the famous novel by Stephen King ends with IT chapter 2. Two years ago, Andy Muschietti had terrified and entertained the general public with his IT, based on the homonymous best seller written by Stephen King. More faithful and decidedly more successful than the miniseries for TV in the 1990s, with Tim Curry in the role of the evil clown Pennywise, IT in a few days became the horror film with the greatest revenue in the history of Cinema.
On 5 September the final chapter will be released in Italian cinemas, which unfortunately does not hold its own against its predecessor, for some reasons. It Chapter 2 online.

The great success of the first chapter of IT has led the public to await with great trepidation IT chapter 2, with good reason: with the first film Andy Muschietti had reinvented Pennywise in the collective imagination, untying it from the now-aged version of the 1990 mini-series , thanks also to the histrionic interpretation of Bill Skarsgard. Not only that, one of the reasons for the great impact that the film has had is to be found in the prevailing nostalgia for the 1980s, but especially in the role that it has carved out within the contemporary pop culture Stranger Things. It is undeniable that IT, being the novel one of the sources of inspiration for the popular Netflix series, has tried to ride the wave, succeeding.

In this way, however, a choice was made that he definitely paid for the first chapter, but that could have made things difficult in IT chapter 2, as indeed happened. Compared to the novel and the miniseries, in the first film the story of the losers is told only by boys, when they meet IT for the first time, instead of alternating the story with the timeline of them as adults. Stephen King devoted much of the narrative to flashbacks, focusing relatively less on each character once he grew up. This has given rise to a first part undoubtedly brilliant, but also to a second unnecessarily too long, if we consider that IT chapter 2 lasts two hours and forty nine minutes. Of note is certainly also the fact that the adult characters do not have the charisma of their youthful counterparts, which are also present in this case in some flashbacks, where, incidentally, the film suddenly returns to be interesting. It Chapter Two free streaming

Immediately after the release of the first film, one wondered who would choose to play the losers now grown up in IT chapter 2 and, in some ways, the hopes of the public were also satisfied: James McAvoy plays Bill, but without his characteristic verve, as if he had been unable to give a memorable performance. Even Jessica Chastain’s Beverly loses its charm and it is hard to believe that it is the same character seen in the previous chapter, but even in this case the problem is the script at the base of IT chapter 2, which is very often lost in chatter and seems to do everything to stall, without actually carrying the plot forward. What is certain is that seeing two actors so capable of not being able to express their talent is frustrating at times. The choice to entrust the other characters to little-known actors was not particularly apt: the Isaiah Mustafa’s Mike is not very incisive compared to the role he covers, at times even flat, but perhaps the less interesting character is Ben.

Jak Ryan, an actor with several active films, but certainly not among the most famous faces on the Hollywood scene, has failed to make the most of his change and in the economy of the entire film the role he plays is almost non-existent. The only characters tied to two lines and who manage to give some remarkable moments are Eddie and Richie, played respectively by James Ransone and Bill Hader. The relationship between the two, made up of implications, represents a boundless friendship that is rekindled after twenty-seven years, a bond that goes beyond mere appearances and dotted with often hilarious quarrels. Which brings us to another fundamental problem of the film: the comedy that works in itself, but is also too often out of place.

We come to the biggest disappointment of the entire film: Pennywise. Nothing less. The strength of chapter one was undoubtedly the anxiety that Pennywise was able to convey, above all thanks to its extremely grotesque characterization. In this case, unfortunately, we tried to play too much on that aspect, resulting in a mannerism harmful to the character: Pennywise becomes foolish, no longer grotesque but ridiculous beyond all expectations and disturbing only in some moments, concentrated mostly in the first half an hour, after which we mostly witness a series of scenes that seem unrelated to each other, which are repeated in an almost identical manner. Nor does it help that Henry Bowers, played by the half-known Teach Grant, is practically an extension of his own that is more like an apocryphal Peter Minus and simply useless. All that Pennywise does and tries to unleash against the Losers does not have the same impact that could be found in the first part, as if it were tired or listless. But mind you: Skarsgard is always in good shape and is an extraordinary actor, but he still had to submit to a script that did not know how to fully exploit it. It Chapter 2 free online

To sum up, at least from the narrative point of view, with IT chapter 2 we are not faced with a bad or unwatchable film, rather than a disappointment deriving also from the legacy of a decidedly more successful first chapter which, paradoxically, would have could work very well as a movie in itself, despite the history of the original work was not completed. Another fundamental factor is having over-simplified what in the novel had more space. It is not a question of behaving as a transposing purist, even in the previous film many elements had been changed compared to King’s work, but everything worked quite well. Instead here it is clearly perceived that many fundamental aspects of the story have been cut or heavily modified, such as the Chud rite, which is reduced to a banal stereotype, or the backgrounds of each of the protagonists, reduced to the bone at the cost of making them all – or almost – plates like tables. Above all, the narration lacks many details that link their current lives to IT, which would have served to shed light on some of their attitudes that are not explained. Furthermore, the final resolution does not present any kind of surprise, but it appears to be telephone call and lacking any kind of fundamental morality, incapable of giving satisfaction.

If IT chapter 2 can be disappointing from a narrative point of view, things improve significantly if you move to the technical side. Muschietti is undoubtedly a director who knows how to do his job and with IT he had the opportunity to demonstrate it extensively. Perhaps the disappointment also derives from the fact that the first part of the film also promises to work, thanks to a remarkable direction, with some really disturbing and masterfully directed moments, one of which, at the beginning, also involves the great Xavier Dolan, here as an actor. Even Wallfisch’s music is in a state of grace and perhaps even superior to those composed for the first film, as well as photography, even more played in shades of gray and deliberately turned off, to explode in all its brightness in flashbacks with the losers as boys. It Chapter Two free streaming

In the summer of 1988, the losers led by Bill Denbrough were able to push back into the infernal hole from which the disturbing Pennywise the Clown had escaped, facing him in the sewers of Derry. Following a long hunt ended in the meanders of the Barren, in what was believed to be the den of the Pagliaccio Ballerino, the Losers won their fears with a will usually untraceable in children of that age, witnessing the end of a long and terrifying nightmare.
At the end of it all, a promise, sealed with blood: returning to the city, if ever one day Pennywise returned to reveal itself to satisfy its hunger again. They greeted each other (and greeted us) like this, Bill, Richie, Beverly and the others: swearing to see each other again in case of danger, like real heroes, aware of their role within a design far bigger than them, son of a a rare and priceless bond of friendship capable of saving lives and putting an end to the greed of IT once and for all. Twenty-seven years later, that moment reaches all the protagonists like a true bolt from the blue, unleashing repressed emotions and memories by answering the call of Mike Henlon, the only one of them left in Derry with a single, terrible message to report: “He is back “.

Compared to the first, but in its own way a harmless chapter of this mammoth adaptation of the novel by Stephen King, IT: Chapter Two is a film that changes the shape and intentions of gender to the change of its protagonists. That it was more mature was already evident from the trailers, yet the actual stylistic detachment from the previous chapter was not quantifiable, which in its construction presented itself as a completely introductory project to something more dense, large and stratified, both visually that content.
Finally seeing this second part we realize how in effect the adaptation was lacking a narrative formula on alternating temporal planes, exactly like that of King thought for the book. Although it kept the spirit and heart of the novel unchanged, the first film essentially analyzed and covered a minimal part of the story, having also to juggle it in a slalom of cinematographic choices to elude with farsightedness the possible doppelganger effect with the second chapter. The only protagonists children worked great and indeed, the film rested entirely on their shoulders and on some very interesting visual finds, from soft horror mixed to adventure cinema for kids at the Goonies. It Chapter Two free streaming

He was IT but sweetened and synthesized, in the face of an operation sold as a drastic subdivision of the two temporal levels that – on closer inspection – is not so resolute. Andy Muschietti’s new film helps to cover the previous film with a slight aura of uselessness, proving with its almost three hours duration (2 hours and 49 minutes round) and the narrative alternation 1988 – 2015 a direct and finally complete transposition of the original work, even more faithful to the horrifying and imaginative climate of the novel, things that actually IT: Chapter One was missing.

There is more anguish and a jump scare structure that finally really makes the viewer splash into the chair, like a sudden shiver that comes with fear and culminates in a hysterical liberating laughter. Aesthetically speaking, then, the increase in the budget and the desire to make everything more mature and frightening, moving away from the goliardic and playful atmosphere with which children face life, have helped IT: Chapter Two to repropose some of the sequences on the big screen more violent and explicit than the novel and even inventing new ones (a particularly chilling one in particular). watch now It Chapter 2 online

Everything appears formally in the right place, with visual ideas, compromises and extremely valid and functional changes of adaptation, this also thanks to the passion with which the same Muschietti approached such a dangerous project, capable of remodeling some more critical aspects of the book without betraying its essence, referring to a concept of cinematographic entropy which – especially in transpositions – admits a general physiological disorder starting from the original structure. And then there are them: the adult losers who do not regret their teenage counterparts even for a second.

As we explained, in IT: Chapter Two the child protagonists of the first film are back, and the idea to present them on the big screen two years after their “moment” is to go into that part of the summer of 1988 in which the kids they are separated after a great quarrel. It is in no way the most substantial, nor is it comparable in terms of “run time” to the parts with adult losers, but in their specific identification (ie always and in any case in relation to facing Pennywise solo in turn) they give way to explore part of the past of Bill, Richie, Ben, Mike, Beverly, Eddie and Stan so as to relate it directly to the present and their last fight. Obviously all the little protagonists are once again exceptional, just as their adult versions are, above all the Richie Tozier of Bill Hader (who has one of the most important changes) and the Eddie Kaspbrak of James Ransone with the their continuous squabbles, the psychoses, the jokes and the fears best expressed by others. However, the perfection of the entire casting and of the ideas related to their modernization must be underlined: from a James McAvoy really in part in the role of Bill, also able to manage a stutter that seems real, up to the great expressiveness of the Beverly Marsh of Jessica Chastain, who is also the protagonist of one of the sequences with more blood since the Shining lift, masterfully managed also by the director’s visual and creative side, whose eye gives here even more satisfaction than in the past. watch now It Chapter Two online

Net of a more horrifying cut, of a stylistic system better calibrated for the genre, for the adult age of the protagonists and a tendency that is generally superior to the first film, the only perplexities that remain are partly linked to the duration, which could have been saved. parts of the film “redundant” to dry the slack lines a bit ‘to themselves, and in another part to a third act completely distorted compared to the novel while respecting the nomenclature and meaning. There are the Deadly Lights, there is the Rite of Chud and there is the True Form of IT, but while keeping intact the meaning and the name of each constituent element of the end of the story, Muschietti and the production decide not to dare until to the exasperated limit of the adaptation, pulling the oars a little towards the end and modifying to the heart and with cunning a whole series of factors that could make the nose of the Puritans and long-time fans turn upside down, even irritate them.

IT: Chapter 2 is certainly one of the most anticipated films of 2019. Let’s talk about the second part of the film adaptation that Andy Muschietti made of the famous and eponymous best seller by Stephen King. The curiosity and the attention that has been hanging around this film for months is very high, thanks to the fact that the first part of the film has grossed more than 700 million dollars in the world, becoming the most successful commercial horror ever. watch now It Chapter 2 online

It is therefore not surprising that experiences (as in London) and events to pay homage to the upcoming release of the film have been organized in different locations around the world. In our country, several seaside resorts will celebrate the release of IT: Chapter 2 with a suggestive initiative involving seaside towns starting from Cervia up to Trapani. In the seaside town of Romagna, a giant sand statue of Pennywise was created by the artist Michela Ciappini. Antonio Molin, founder of the Academy of Sand, the first national academy dedicated to sand sculptures, also contributed to the creation of the work. Now you can watch It Chapter Two online

As you can see from the video at the beginning of the article, the statue depicts the disturbing face of Pennywise and his hand from which the iconic balloon starts, which normally warns of its presence. For the occasion, the balloons are now two, to celebrate the second film. In other seaside resorts, on the other hand, the Losers will be symbolically remembered, with two large aerostatic balloons anchored to the shore of their respective shores. Seven locations chosen, like seven are the losers protagonists of the book and the novel:

The film opens with the flashback on the promise that the Losers had made at the end of the first film, only to remember and highlight how the film shows the losers, now adults, forced to face their fears to try to get rid of Pennywise once and for all . While the director Andy Muschietti reassures us about the fact that the atmosphere of the film will be just that much loved by King’s novel, the King of Maine admits that the director is able to put people first, offering the public a film in which, inevitably, the Losers will be rooted for. The acclaimed Bill Skarsgård reveals instead that Pennywise is thirsty for revenge, but at the same time suffered the lack of the Club of Losers.

The director Andy Muschietti, on the other hand, finds the screenwriter Gary Dauberman (IT, Annabelle: Creation) instead and launches a sequel with a monstre duration (two hours and forty-five minutes) that sounds to all intents and purposes as the bleak backstage of the previous phenomenon from $ 700 million at the world box office. A horror blockbuster that takes the path of the traumas and the tremors narrated in the pages of Stephen King to propose revolving around the theme of the fragility of memory, of the past in the form of involuntary reverberation, of an amplification of what has been. Now you can watch It Chapter 2 online

From these premises there emerges a continuation inflated in ambitions and in the packaging, obscure and turbid: the reflections that populate the images become baffling duplicates of already experienced fears, to which to give a new name with the awareness of mature age, in perennial oscillation between yesterday and today. It is not only the losers who are the shield of this psychological-affective scheme, but also many sequences of IT: Chapter 2, thought in a singular way as a block catalog of mother scenes.

A sort of elder brother, and of magniloquent variation on the theme, of the record predecessor, the script alludes several times to the stories that need an end (in this sense they are two author’s cameos to be discovered), to the intimate need of an epilogue that sweeps away for ever the terrible and ancestral bond with its roots. But the truth, probably, is that IT: Chapter Two from that umbilical cord does not seem to want to break away, prolonging to the infinite the macabre pleasure of its actions and reactions, punctuated by jumps, punctually restarted by a bloody intuition.

The result is a dripping and imposing film, perhaps sometimes at the limit of redundancy, violent enough (but still not a little) and of great epic breadth, even in the extreme deep darkness and in the ringing of near and distant wounds that do not really save nobody. Indeed, Muschietti’s courage leads him to continually push the potential of his visual ideas, starting with the vibrant prologue with Adrian Mellon by Xavier Dolan and an ocean in flight of floating balloons. Now you can watch It Chapter Two online

To arrive at a conclusive phase that juts out with proportions and formats, fully returning the stylistic code of a horror film that wants to be bigger than life in graphic expenditure (there is also a claustrophobic sequence with hectoliters of blood to envy Shining) as in the use of a bitter and sharp nostalgia that spreads as far as the eye can see, both in the repeated lines of Hader’s Richie, a dispenser of raw punch-line all to laugh at, as in the tormented Beverly, struggling with a union in shattered and with other glimmers of romance. Now you can watch It Chapter 2 online

The final result, which is equally divided between velvety flashbacks and trips at the end of the night, split between the heartbeats of the losers and the study of the true nature of Pennywise, initially leaves us astonished and perhaps even stone for the design hazard overall: the film is constructed on the other hand for continuous and dilated set-ups, which become inflamed covering each character with feeling and atrocities, but the gear takes shape, minute after minute, clarifies its frame more and more , kidnap and conquer. Creating, among other things, a precedent not just in the horizon of today’s high-budget horror.

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