manufacturer in chinese wholesale companies in china

hello everyone my name is alina and this

is globos today we’re going to tell you

how to work with our system and what you

can see here what are the features let’s

go so on the top of the bar we can see

the quotation selection because for the

for example a big apartment or a house

uh you might have a different areas for

example a couple of bedrooms dining room

living room etc etc so

this is a very small quotation because

there are just three areas but usually

there are a lot of them especially um

when you’re choosing

after this sign-in

you will need a lot a lot of quotations

for each area specifically

so let’s for example see

living room so what we can see here we

see total number of items in this


for the living room

we also see approved items in total as

you can see we have approved pension and

decline as of now all the items are


here you can see the contact information

of your manager

so whoever will be making your quotation

will be here you can chat with the

manager here

it’s a general chat question for example

you think you lack something or it’s not

good enough of a selection or maybe you

need more catalogs you can write all

this information right here

if you for some reason

got lost in the features or you don’t

know how it works uh and even after you

saw the video you might forget something

here are the tips you can click here

and go step by step

about how to work in the system if you

think you’ve learned enough you can just


and it’s not longer going to bother you

okay let’s see what else do we have here

for example living room in living room

will have a lot of items

sometimes one

list can have up to 200 items and not to

get lost in them you can

divide them here

for example you can only want to see

cabinets and shelves

you select them and you can see only

cabinets and shelves

or for example you want to see only soft

furniture and you choose sofas and


right here

for every item you can approve or


for example declined

and approve as you can see the status of

each item of each card has changed


card and every item has its own chart

it’s very convenient especially when you

confirm in the specifications


um and colors because

what we’ve encountered a lot of times

that people lose phones uh people

restore their phones always got broken

it got stolen and you cannot see what

you’ve ordered

and here is the safe way to keep

everything that we communicated about

this order in one place

for example you want to ask about this

specific item and you can ask all the

questions right here you can approve or

decline again and all the specifications

are here

by clicking on the picture you can make

it bigger

and see it in more details

let’s see what else we’ve got

the total of approved items gonna be

on the top bar

right here in this square

this is a total for this specific

quotation if you want to see the total

for Evlla OEM Network all the quotations

it’s going to be right here so for

example this is the sound for just from

one uh quotation that we’ve proved but

let’s go to the dining room and improve

something i really like

this chair

and this tape

and maybe something in the bedroom

oh this is a fabulous couch

and the bed

i think they look

very good together okay so we have

approved items in total for bedroom

approved items in total for dining room

approved items in total for the living

room and if we go products from all the


we can see approved items in total from

all the quotations

and also approved items pending and


what else we’ve got here

we can make it greet or we can make it a

list when we make it at least we see the

bigger picture we can also change our

decision for example if you already

declined it you can change decision and

approve you can see all the

specifications here

for example this way you can click on

the picture to make it bigger

if there are more

photos you can easily see that they’re


now like this one

and i want to decline this coffee table

thank you for attention we will update

you on more new features of our system

we’ll keep you updated on our new

features and see you next video bye