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[Music] vaping is a great way to get cbd into your system fast pod vape devices factory – mouse click the up coming web site, pens are easy to use portable and let you dose cbd throughout the day but before getting one you’ll have to ask yourself if you want to use cbd vape juice or cbd cartridges vape pens designed for vape juice and cartridges are slightly different so you can’t use a cartridge in a vape juice pen and vice versa cbd vape juice is a liquid that contains cbd dissolved in either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol it can also contain artificial flavors refilling a pen with vape juice can be tricky at first but it’s the most economical option in the long term a cartridge is a tube that’s pre-filled with cbd e-liquid cbd wax or other cbd-based products they’re very easy to use and they can make recharging your vape pen a breeze however they could cost you more over time and with both products you have to be careful about their composition for example avoid products that contain propylene glycol because it can release cancer-causing molecules when heated up so cbd vape juice or cbd cartridges which one is best cbd cartridges are more versatile and easy to use but they cost more cbd vape juice means having to refill your vape yourself but they are a more affordable option so it all comes down to what you value more for more information on vaping cbd visit the cbdmagazine.com