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CupcakKe specific album full swing in 2018. So specific that even Pitchfork honored Ephorize is called “Best New Music” as the first release this year. Is it right? It should be considered in a separate discussion, but it is hard to remain indifferent to the charms of comically eroticised of tracks such as “Duck Duck Goose” or “Crayons”. Those whose work and BabeczkKi not convinced, can convince the new album, artist, Eden. If not convinced, however, please do not write a letter of complaint emails. We write “maybe”, because for now we know only about it that … will be (9 November). And that eventually he will get a cover, the aesthetics of which is much more thought-out than the designs of the covers of earlier publications of the rapper.

Hot because Ephorize last album, which fell in January, CupcakKe announced its second album of the year. It’s called Eden and is due to appear on November 9th. She also shared presumably cover, removing the MC from Chicago, with chocolate syrup and sprinkles, everyone could see the bay. Some new singles from the self-styled Marilyn MonHoe game, including “Quiz”, “Blackjack” and “Hot Pockets” appeared in the announcements. It also provides music videos for each track. Fresh from the release of three new singles in the spring and summer, the Chicago rapper Eden Elizabeth Harris, known as Cupcakke, announced on November 9 as the official release date of her upcoming album of Eden. It is a type of artist’s digger-follower who is both respected and insulted. Sex sells, but the direction of branding, which Elizabeth chose artistically, seems to be consumed by the nature of her personality, and not by tricks. The seducer with a kind of raw, transparent word, makes even the most sexually carefree people hold pearls. If it was a movie in the cinema, its content would be subordinated to the strict assessment of the NC-17, there was no subject too disgraceful to embrace, no territory was left unattended. When artists refuse to walk the line, I am reminded that it is reinforcing and hardcore is always better than the truncated down. We want what is real and true. Leave us with the trick “leave something for the imagination”, we will make fantasies at our own time.

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